Sediu Gruppo Damidio Q8Oils
GRUPPO DAMIDIO is among the most important and successful lubricants import and distribution companies nationwide, providing the most complex and fast distribution and post-sales services, measured at the same high quality as the premium brands distributed.

The company, with over 20 years of experience in the field and with a specialized staff in lubricant sales, marketing and technical aspects of personal vehicle, commercial vehicle and industrial markets, has had strategic distribution partnerships over these years for Esso, Mobil, CAT Fluids and Volvo Fluids.

At the end of 2013 Gruppo Damidio entered into a new strategic partnership with the multi-national company Kuwait Petroleum International, becoming an authorized distributor of the premium lubricants brand Q8Oils in Romania.

Our company is a leading national distributor of the premium Mobil lubricants range, operating from 4 locations in the country (Timisoara, Bucharest, Brasov and Cluj-Napoca), so having a wide coverage and ensuring prompt and effective delivery.

Partnerships over time with numerous and diverse clients led to confirmation of the motto: 

“The value of our company is the sum of the individual values ​​of our business partners”

Welcome to Gruppo Damidio !

Who are we?

Gruppo Damidio is the nationwide import and distribution company of premium lubricant brands Mobil and Q8Oils for private vehicles (PVL), commercial vehicles (CVL) and industry (IND) segments.

Mission, Vision, Values

Becoming the most prestigious national lubricants importer and distributor, providing the most complex and fast distribution and post-sales services, simultaneously building lasting partnerships with our customers.

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For order placements or any additional information regarding the products and services we offer you can contact a sales representative at one of our locations, situated near you.